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This would be my mommy! How does that make you feel? I love her she rocks! She's very cool about me being gay... She even went to gay pride with me last time.. She is a member of PFLAG, and very supportive of gay rights! GO MOM! I love her with all of my heart and I would NEVER want another person to take her place! I could never see myself in this life without her... Well maybe when I move out but hey that hasn't happened yet :-)
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Naaaaaaaaomi! This is my oldest sister Naomi. She's very creative.. On Websites... Drawings... Telling stories.. and so on... We share that trait in common. We're both very opinonated and honest which can get us in trouble at times.. But in other places it's helpful. SHe is also a member of PFLAG Naomi is one of the most beautiful people I know! Inside and Out! I would trust he with my life also.. And I'm sure she would feel the same way towards me... I love you Naomi just keep being you...
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RUTH!!!!!! This girl can take a borring moment and make it into one you'll never forget! She can make ya laugh forever and 3 days... But like all good things there's a downside... She just moved away from home to Mississippi :-( I'm going to miss her a lot... but I'm glad she happy! Ruth and I got a long great but yes we did have our times where we wanted to kill each other... But hey that comes with being a sibling! Ruth has GREAT taste in clothes and is VERY honest.. Even if you don't want to hear it... But I guess that's a good thing because I don't want to lied too... I love you Ruth no matter what you belive...
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Luke... I love Luke with all my heart... We don't agree on most things.. But I'm respect him for sticking up for what he belives... Luke and I have had many heart to hearts and I will say we're great friends :-) He's somebody to look for when you're done and you need to talk... He'll try his best to help you feel better... I love him and I wouldn't want any other brother
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Sarah Sarah Sarah... We understand each other! Always lauging at each other's jokes.. Telling the other how it is... Watching movies togerher... and so on... We fight A LOT but always make up and get along great after that :-) THIS GIRL CAN ACT! I mean hello you never know if she's really crying or acting and so on... She's very talented and beautiful.. those are just 2 of her many traits that I like about her :-) But mostly I like her for just being her.. no questions about it... I love you Sarah... Always have always will...
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