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Name:Frank Lee Tackett Jr.
Sign:Virgo(Virgos rock)
Birthdate:Aug. 27, 1984
Place born:OKC, OK
Mother's name:Rush J. Chaffee
Father's name:I have no father...
# of siblings:4(that I live with)
Fav. color:ORANGE!!!!!!!
Fav. food:eegroles(I know it's strange)
Fav. drink:Dr. Pepper
Fav. word:coolness!
Hair color:brown
Weight:135-140lbs(somewhere in between there)
Eye color:Hazel(every now and then I got a purple eye too!)

Well everybody! I would like to thank you for coming here! You rock! But you knew that! Well you should! Well what to write? Let's see? Hey give me mommet! I'm thinking! Well to start off I can say I'm outgoing! Don't belive me? Well ask my friends! You should see me in public! HA! Well um yeah.. I am 100% openly gay.. I won't hide who I am for ANYBODY! I'M FRANK! And all I can be is FRANK! Trust me in my life I've had to tell people to go to hell because they say I'm too openly gay... I should act my str8 in public kinda thing FUCK THAT! If they don't like me for who I am I don't want to me around them anyways... I'm single.... I don't want to be! But fuck a long distance relasionship! I"ve had those before they're just too hard to work out... it's just better to stay single then to get with somebody that I can't be with... Ya know what I mean? I'm a smoker.... I hope that doesn't bother any of you of you all.... yes I know it'll kill me blah blah blah I'm trying to quit yeah ooook ;-) I say a lot of crazy things! And I'm very honest! I'm a kind guy! but I can be a bitch! But mostly I get along with anybody and everybody My family and I are very close and I love them with all my heart! I would kill somebody for them! But as you go thru my site youll figure that one out... ;-) I have enough gay pride for 10 other fags! I'm open bout bein gay and I'm not afraid to say it! And I'm FRANK!