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I LOVE MY WOBBIE! Yes this is the Rob I talk about on the first page... No he's not some pedofile out to get my ass :-P he's like a father to me :-) I love him with all my heart! He changed my life totally... He took me away from Oklahoma for 10 days to see what Californa was like and OMG I'm so going back! I have to anyways otherwise how would I get to see my Wob again ;-) He has a great website you should look at! And as soon as he makes it to where people CAN LOOK AT IT there's a page about our trip :-) I love to talk to Ron when I'm feeling down or when he's feeling down. Hell I'll talk to him no matter what! I'm so glad I met him.. I don't know where I would be in this life if he wasn't part of it.... I consider him to be more then a friend but the father I neved had... I love you Rob and never forget that!


Yet another person that looooooooooves my mom! lol Ya know it's all bout my mom! lol THis is tha famous Ryan for all you people that have heard bout him b4! For you others this is a really good friend of mine! I only gotten to hang out with him 2 times but we consider each other brothers! :-) We're really close and I've gotten to see tha good side and tha bad side of him! YA know like his front side and his backside! lol joke in case you're wonderin.... So um yeah..... Ryan's a really coo' guy! And I've been there to help him with his problems and he returns tha favor! I JUST WISH HE LIVED CLOSER DAMN IT! oh and he's tha one that I learned a lot of this whole website buildin stuff from everything else I learned on my own.... My family loves Ryan and he knows he's welcome in this house! That's if he can ever come in tha front door without bein embarrassed.... Only him and my family know what I'm talkin bout! Once again Ryan IT'S NOT SO BAD! AND IT"S THEIR FAULT! and I'll scream that for tha rest of my life! DAMN IT! lol But um yeah.... I LOVE YOU RYAAAAAAAAAAAN!


CHUCKQUESTA! aka NETTIE! aka CHUCK! This is my FABULOUS fat black sister!! I love her with all my heart and we're the BEST of friends even tho we never get to see each other :-( I wouldn't trade my friendship with him for anything! I would love it if I could see him more offten but hey what can ya do... We're always having girl talk and gosip :-) but what we talk about is just between sisters! I LOVE YOU SIS!

more to come