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If you would like me to link your website from here e-mail me with your address and how you would like me to describe it!(keeping in mind that I can't stand people that don't have a sense of humor!)

Misc. Sites

I really think you should vist this site at least twice! Raven bein one of tha best drag queens I've found! If you interested in bein a drag queen and don't have tha first clue where to start, makeup wise, she sells a video tape giving you a 12 year head start! Just check out tha site it's worth it!!

Would you like your very own journal!? Well click right here!

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Family & Friend's Sites

My sista Naomi's page she's very creative check out her site!

My sista Ruth! Her page is awesome! don't belive me? Just check it out then!

this is Sarah's page! She has a question for ya and ya won't know it untill ya go to tha site!

This is a little dykes site! She has tha pride I have!!!!! And she's a cute l little lesbian too! THis site is still bein worked on but so far so good! I personaly think this site is good right now! But hey check it out anyways!

This is a good site made by a true friend of mine(Rob)! If ya have time please check it out! I love him wit all my heart!

BOBBY'S FAVORITE HOTTIES! And oh let me tell you some of them are hotties... *drool...*

The Dancing DIVA Desire' Turrell a GREAT friend of mine whome I love with all my heart

Gay Sites

Yet another dyke! LoL this a coo' page! Lot's of pride here! YAAAAAY! Check it out!

This is mine and Jay's club! I think you should look at it!

This is a good site for my fellow queers and dykes to check out and they have lots of links ya might like to go to!

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