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If you came to this site to be an asshole leave now because this site isn't for you! If you're open minded hey look around you might like what you see.



This site is deicated in loving memory to Melissa, and to people that are open minded. The world is full of hate and I personaly don't want to live like that! Now on this site I'm not going to offer programs and other things, but I do offer links to sites that are helpful.

I would like to thank the following...
God.. With you all anything can be done..
Mom.. You've given me reason to belive good things can happen...
Naomi.. You've supported me thru everythink that I've needed help for...
Ruth.. You've given me an attitude that I really need..
Sarah.. I'm always excited when you're around never a dull moment..
Luke.. You've been honest with me.. Even if you we don't agree I know we'll still be great friends..
Rob.. You showed me another world and you've been there to make me laugh smile and just to talk to when I'm having boi problems ;-)
Without these people my life would be a nothing.... And I can honestly say I don't belive I would be hear today if they weren't my family... I love you all with ALL of my heart nothing less... You ARE my family!!